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Relinquish to the Ostrich. 

Give us that toothy
grin, designated alpha primate:
satisfaction so clear
here, at its height,

hands crossed across
your puffed-out chest,
still somehow the personal
space invader —

here, in the midst
of your fucking glee.

Congratulations, asshat,
glad-hand extraordinaire:
you conned a whole country —
at least slightly
less than half
of the voting

… of the electoral college. 

Either way, tiny hands stained with blood.
Spray-tan messiah of the alt right. 
Preparing a cabinet for rule.

Cold you at least try
and hide yourself as you plant
the seeds of our doom,

Give me a gateway to the stars
or give me a hole
to hide myself in.

I can’t watch this again.
Won’t bear

that fucking pain again.


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