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Terms & Conditions & the Sacrosanct.

of mind-controlled zombies,
drooling and eager
for the mistress, eagerly calling.

Leaping off the goddamn ledge
like lemmings. Calm,
single file on the path to slaughter:
so haunting… 

Open up
and let the ravenous bitch dig in.
Me? Not a chance.
Here I draw the line,
build my goddamned wall:

my soul is sacrosanct.

Enliven this starved earthworm, 
seduce me to view your shows,
swallow your words:
alluring, no matter how absurd.

Trips, tangents, follies:
always cost
and consideration…

yet ultimately,
I lose nothing, gain all. 

I am untouchable.
Fixate my butchered attention.
Identifications: deplorable.

Hunger for my flesh?
Hell, you can have it.
The glow within?
All mine.
No fucking way around this.

My soul is sacrosanct.

My mind: once a sovereign nation
I intend to win back.

In the meantime, take
your authoritarian bullshit
and shove it
up your ass 
and fuck yourself.

I am no one but me
and I’ll

die again
before I bear that hell.


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