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Of Lab Rats & Stupid Boys. 

It has simply
come to be a parody.

Change the channel.
Block the signal.

The so-called media? 
A bad joke that never seems to end.
Drag it out through commercial breaks
and regular programming
interrupted by breaking, so-called news
hardly qualifying as infotainment. 

Your focus is your folly.
Extinction could be the consequence.

Am I among them?
Fuck all this.

for the world to see.
As for you, can you pick
away the red tape,

the blacked-out
and white-out portions
of those supposedly
declassified documents
released through the FOIA? 


They have given nothing.
You are given nothing but rumors
and haunting memories…

You seek truth
in a circus of lies.
How could you expect
anything less?

Not your monkeys,
so your mantra proclaims,

despite that they still swing
from your strings,
at you, hopeless

moving in time,
and feeling with the rhythms
that have been set.

Just a slave.

Good lab rat…
Stupid boy.


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