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Don’t You Dare Die (Ode to Claire).

Broken up and down,
bleeding and bruised,
running out from
shadows of history.

Stories different,
though the pain is the same.
Forever, I am out of
place until I meet you.

Always home to me.
Swimming in blue eyes.
Ocean for my soul,
cleansing this strained mind…

Distance is a dagger
more than sharp enough, so
don’t you fucking dare leave me.

I cannot bear your back
or your tombstone:

last straw
on the broken back
of a sacred dream…

How can I love you yet still grow strong
enough to flex, conquer and make it alone?
When I cave in, how can I not break out,
walk away, head held high, become my own?

You’re the only one
that continues
to feel so
fucking right.

Don’t turn your back on me.
Don’t you dare die.

I know I’m not alone,
I know where love resides.

Don’t you dare die.


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