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Beauty of the Godless Glow.

Why do so many consider it demeaning to consider nature — the universe, the rich diversity of life that surrounds us and to which we contribute — as a collaborative effort of various forces rather than the expression of a single, unseen artist? As I look out my three-story window enjoying a cigarette and a cup of coffee as I gaze at the setting sun, the trees, the buildings, the thankfully few people, I don’t see one thing staring back at me, I see a diverse community of things. But a small sample of what the earth alone and the species to which I belong, which has infested it, provides. I feel a diverse community of energies glowing back at me, not to sound all fucking fluffy. No single leader.

Believing in god is a disservice to nature, a narrow view of the universe we are an integral, however potentially transient, part of. The diversity and complexity of the cosmic web can speak for itself.


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