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Nor Any Combination of Words.

Not the least bit swayed
by the masses at your sides,
chasing what you all call light,
using prescribed illusions
to numb the pains
of our collective existence,

but nice try.

Nor am I seduced
by your circular arguments,
empty promises and hollow threats
delivered subtly, so softy. No,

not even your pleas,
as you tell me that you’ll pray
for me, have the vaguest semblance of hope
in your feared, mythological hell
of winning me over,

nor any combination
of words.

Even so, I hope I don’t come across
as too cold,
as you have every right to believe
in what seems so clearly to me
to be a dangerous lie.

Even so, you have the right to try
and save me, plot to sway me,
if it’s your path
to waste your time…


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