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Slow Walk to No Exit.

Life is so fragile. Even so:
I’ll take my chances.
Pain is an aversion, true.

is the dangling carrot,
and the donkey in me carries

on, dragging its weight
(a beast of burden)
across this wasteland
for the mirage he calls hope.

I do not fear death, nor
do I seek it. Been there, done
that, bought the farm,
returned with emotional debt
I will never be enriched
enough to have a hope in hell
of paying off. I know

enough to say: fuck that.

I’m here to stay
till something else takes
me away. Inconvenience is all
it costs; even so, I’ll never

buy the pain, you’ll have to force
it on me. Judging from before,
I’ll come back again, feet
stuck yet struggling
in this same old swamp.

I’ll deal
as I’ve dealt,

In the end,
you have nothing on me.


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