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Salvaged Dreams.

Blossoming argument.
My mind constricts
again into a narrow space,

too afraid to give
in an inch, too blind with rage
to engage in the rational conversation
I set out to have,

the reconciliation
I meant to inspire, the mutually
beneficial discussion in which I intended
to partake.

I’m just hungry
for your blood now.
I want to see you in pain.

Bounce back all the shit
I feel you made
me feel, leave

you broken, bruised,
lacerated and bleeding, begging
for mercy, eyes
frantically scanning
for some means of escape.

I lost.

You summoned the animal in me.
Conjured my devil. Now I’m too blind
to see, to learn anything…

Clearly, I’m too sensitive.
All I feel are extremes.

Abandon ship now, watch it sink
from the shore, head and heart filled
with salvaged dreams for all of us.

And to you they clearly
mean nothing, nothing.


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