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Glitches in the Social Network?

Am I blind?
Have I somehow been misled, deceived?
I value truth.
Given proof, I will surely concede.

Believe you, me.

For reasons
I have come to question,
I always seemed
to look up to, beyond you.

Just as you do…
or at least: used to.


Now you seem anchored
in the darkest
and most dismal depths of crazy.

Are you just misunderstood?
Just a legitimate
enigma to me?


Could it be
that I missed your message,
that it is all due to my failure
to interpret your sarcasm
or irony, am I

just an ignoramus lost
in the circuitry,
or am I merely repelled

by your curious allergy
to the blazing truthful
and rational?


Please falsify.


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