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Hope & the Cold Nothing.

Sometimes I feel so bad
for feeling so good
that I never brought a child into this world.

I see my sister and my brother-in-law,
could never hope for better parents
for the wonderful girl I watch them build a life for,

but in fear I can’t help but ask myself:
what does this world have to offer?

Sometimes I feel so bad
for feeling so bad
about the world around me
and the life that I have had.
So many have had it infinitely worse,
clear from the lives so many have spilled
to me and lives I have read, observed,

and those that echo
throughout this world’s history
and reverberate
through us all today…

We shake
so much we’re falling apart.

Our sun is diving,
leaving us in cold nothing,
but as darkness falls
we can finally see the stars,

find that all our scars
are glowing,

the weight of before lightens
as it lights the way to a tomorrow
better than today. For nieces, nephews
and unborn couldabeens…

Sometimes I feel so good
that there is still room to feel so good,
for so much gestating
hope remains…

I hope we don’t leave it all to you.


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