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A Gift, Unwrapped

Peeling off the skin.
Watch as the blade slices
across it like butter
in a manner
almost sensual.

A gift unwrapped, superficial
cast aside as eyes

swallow the insides, warm blood
dripping from the knife
caressed by her trembling
hand. Those wide,
slanted eyes titillated
and insatiable.

Just a taste.
It’s not enough for her…

Diving into the blood now,
digging passed the marrow,
letting passion lead to immersion…

There’s no way out now.

I know well that I should avoid
her like the plague
but she’s so dark, intense
and interesting,
her eyes black holes
attracting my own.

Understand it’s not
me, it’s only gravity.

Just a conversation,
though now her mind draws
me in deeper…

No way out now.


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