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Lex Naturalis.

Broken bones
beneath bruised, lacerated
skin, callous toughening 
as its drug

along on an aching
soul’s unrelenting journey
across the rugged face of history

to make itself and all it loves
a home, help build
a world it’s proud to defend,
a bold, bright new beginning
in the dreary dust
of so many frayed ends. 

Pathway has been wayward
to say the least, so many stops
on the road,

and adventurous
tendencies to appease,

and, of course,
the occasional oases,

though as time presses on
the target in sight
becomes clearer,
the wanderer far
more fucking focused

as he paves his way
towards a life embracing
“each to their own” 
to the extent

that their their pursuit
of passion and liberty
does not impede
onto the same rights
inherent in other souls.


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