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Neverland Now to Houston in the Blind.

Fallen down
(do you copy?)
on the translucent,
black, glass floor I press

my forehead against as well
as my palms,
fingers, thumb and three eyes,
all spread wide, as I peer
beneath and inside…

all as I’m at once
falling down,
drawn by curiosity
and gravity, collectively
my white rabbit.

Never managed
to hit the floor, though as I fell
further, much

as I fall, I found all that I never
asked for, vistas
of strange beyond imagination,
a Neverland: now.

So I concentrate, descend
into the darkness, chew and try
and choke down
the weirdness while speaking
to Houston in the Blind, spill
from my muddled mind the surreal

beauty and horror
and the nauseous sense
of certainty
that there is so much more
in store.

Gaze long and deep
enough into the abyss
and the real you gazes back.

Count on it.

Document the process.
Subject it to analysis.
Integrate all of these lost pieces

Embrace what awaits
with open eyes and arms
when the glass breaks,
staying warm from the cold,

standing shoulder
to shoulder with the secret
family that knows,
those who not only listen,
but truly understand.


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