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In Me. On You.

Damage done.
Too late now.
All of it is gone.

Sky has fallen.
Chaos in the streets.
Broken buildings, lifeless
bodies, bursting
mass graves.

Blood, sweat and tears.
Vault of secrets open,
an old wound

picked at relentlessly
but which eventually
burst open
of its own accord…

I await the call.
Reluctantly, skeptically.

Tensions high.
Eyes to the sky.

So wary.
What’s to come?

Surely more of these haunting dreams.
What saves me?
What clears my mind, wipes clean
all three eyes?

You, in my arms,

My heavens and hells
successfully integrated.
You? You’re killing
me, considerately…

We help each other rise above.
You are all I ever needed.

Love at first sight has grown.
To accept, embrace, to own.
To finally see and be
all I feared and hoped

I truly was, to feel so afraid
of what I might become.

In you, with you
I find some semblance
of stability.

Your soul.
Your lips and eyes.
Everything about you,
novacane to battle
the pain

that comes
with this revelation…

What am I?

Seems you could care less
knowing too well the nature of the who,
accepting whatever follows,
friendly to my bizarre, unearthly truths.

Will I betray
the world or be part
of the wave
that saves it?

No pressure,

but it’s all in me,
yet on you.

So sorry.


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