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In the Wake of Your Reactionary Revolution.

In essence, I get it.
Please believe me.

When it seems clear that the same ol’
no longer works, change, however difficult,
is necessary, but the nature
of the change
makes all the goddamn difference.

That’s what you were missing,
what you are devoid of.

Hear me now?

So go ahead:
try to appeal to me.
Fail before my three wide,

open eyes. Beyond the pale,
in my safe distance from the herd,
so far
outside your target

I reside, cocooned
as a witness.

Makes me smile.
Vile motherfucker.
You fulfilled the most dismal
of my expectations.

Rounding up the herd,
get them in line, marching
to the war drums, rally all your sheep,
march them straight towards
the slaughter of us all.

What this machine
needs is a wrench in the gears,

not a dipshit,
egotistical figurehead.

Change for the sake
of change alone
is insane, ludicrous,


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