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Doomed Roller-Coaster.

Lost in slumber,
one, bloodshot eye
always cranked open.

Can’t take this.
Nothing makes sense.
Breaking news: one hand
of the super-organism still
stabbing the other.

Populations divided,
drunk on lies and half-truths.
Clutching traditions
no longer tenable,
high on oneness with the herd.

A species dedicated
to live hard, die young.
We drive in the nail.
The party is over
yet no one here is sober…

So fuck it.

Carrying weight on his shoulders,
weighing him down
to the point that he’s static:
could not hope to move slower.
Crushed as he watches it crumble
around him…

Just drop it.

Sit up straight,
lift your arms and hands
to feel the wind

on this doomed

So sure it’s over…


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