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In Pursuit of the Elusive Beast.

Playing hide and seek
with my memories,
still. Severed
now, and shattered.

What did you do to me back
then, still further
and onward and upward, ‘till now?

Masochistic secrecy.
And much more.
Though no less.

Classified, compartmentalized
me, imposed selective,
perhaps hypnotically-induced
amnesia and infected
predictable leaks

through obsessive-compulsions,
vivid and perhaps recurring
dreams and sensory

with denial, cover stories
and disinformation…

An elusive beast.
Capture is impossible.
Even so, I have a need to know,
so strive for greater understanding.

Why are you still running
from me? In the end
and on into the deepest level,
aren’t we
on the same side?

Your loss in my own.
Your victory
is a win for us both.


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