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Dysfunctions and Causality.

Let me stop
you right there. The fact
that I’m fucked up? That wires
crossed, short circuits

remain? Most highly classified,
compartmentalized item
on the No Shit List:

just so
you know.

Yes, at some level I certainly qualify
as dysfunctional,
what you would, in your traditional,

reactionary fashion declare
to be insane.

That’s never been a question.

The question
will be, is, always has been:
is my insanity
a cause, or truly an effect?

And, no:
no answers
have been forthcoming

from this peanut gallery, 
nor, I might add,
from that holy, golden nut

apart from the bunch
you presume to be. 

Once you label it unscientific,
be it out of personal vendetta
or tribal inheritance,

you approach it only
as the faithful before heresy would:
provoking the mob,

hungry for lynching,
thirsty to burn
the witch at the stake.  

You don’t want answers.
You’re no friend to the truth.

You’ll settle
for an effective scapegoat.


One response to “Dysfunctions and Causality.

  1. Peter G

    Tribal inheritance…beautiful. Thank you for your poetry, it hits home.

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