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Of Oceans and Sentient Arcades.

waters. Toes
curl. So naturally,
I’m all in.

Let me drown
in a dreadfully unstable ocean
of total lunacy. 

Spying a clearly disturbed reflection
within this fluid skin,
diving in to find a whole, wide world
undetermined, entirely
unaffected by troubles of that sphere
from which you’ve come,
swallowed by this, the legendary land
of desires and nightmares.

Once beneath, I
find yet another damned world
of utter madness 
serving just to shun or hook me.

There is no escape
from friends or enemies: 
in this sentient arcade all
of us are playing games,

keeping score 
drawn in chalk
on our individual boards
in accordance
with our own rules.

So, yeah, fuck
all authority, popularity,
customs, traditions and laws. 

I’ll make my own.


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