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Lost in Deep Space, or: Kim.

through projections,

and embarrassingly
intricate projective identifications

to achieve a state
of true inner sight,
the seed

of insight
planted in the fertile
soil provided

by my eager,
rich garden of a mind,

where it’s my world.
I am the sun.
All revolves around me.

manifestations forever
infesting my psyche
as a consequence
of its nature.

I am god here.
And I am

what I fuckin’ am,
so damned solid
and unwavering —

least ‘till
you came along,

queen of disorientation,
and led me to believe,
just before you

the umbilical,
cut the lifeline.

and thrown off course,
I was lost in deep space,
riding the baseline
left in the wake
of your impact

on me and its echoes,
through me
like a redundant soundtrack
to my heartache.

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