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Of the Devil and a Potential Superluminous Supernova.

Freedom of expression
is tantamount.

If you fail to believe
in it, in the right of your devil
to voice his views, share
his thoughts through ink,

or bleed
his presumably charred,
grotesque soul onto the canvas
or paper

through pen, pencil, paint,
pastel or charcoal,
mould it, animate it,

then you do not
in freedom of expression.

If you damn
an outspoken asshole,
you might silence
her, him,
but you don’t eliminate
the asshole,
and may in fact feed
his assholiness.

So what is your objective
in slamming
the hammer down
on the freedom of expression?

You’re not seeking
to solve
the problem, only
to bury it,
muffled with heavy
dirt of shame

so the Devil’s rage grows
in the shadows
till you have a raging
superluminous supernova
on your hands,

blinding your eyes,
rupturing your ears,
shattering your psyche
with its intensity.

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