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Never will I
accept blindly
all that they say, follow
the leader

and be the resident
obedient idiot,
so back off,
just get over it.

To each his own;
for me, this isn’t it.

Never will I
go along with all
of you, lose myself
in the herd
or hold it above
the individual, embrace
dissolution in the mass mind
or yield to groupthink.

I’m not
an alpha or a beta
or any fancy, Greek anything.

I’m just
half asleep striving
to be my Self, three eyes
wide open,

my foe, my friend,
my frienemy,

and I must confess,
that’s more
than enough for me.

So just go, leave
me with my soul,
and steal the life force
of any

of the countless
eager beavers
also lost at sea.

I’ve got one
thing you all don’t
and that’s some hope
in individuality;
personal freedom
and responsibility.

In time you shall find
you’ve lived
countless lifetimes behind
to psychopathic, greedy,
fucks like him

and see the light:
the values
in the soul, ways
and rights

I’m determined to live
as, in and for.

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