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Good For It.


never was I normal,
and my attempts to fake
it has led

me to believe I could never
be, so I
endure this spiritual wedgie,
hoping for love

inspired by a synchronous soul,
a passionate,
dreadfully dark and twisted
personality encompassing, serving

a wayward essence,
a dissident consciousness:
an eerie, weird spark,
a lone one

that accepts me as I am
and embraces
the latent potentiality

agonizingly eager to actualize
all I could be

and would fail to abandon
me if I miraculously managed
to embody that dreamy

and if I am

left wanting, I will adapt,
control and evolve

I left you every reason
to, but in
this instance, I beg
you: don’t you dare

doubt me.

Love me. I’ll give
you anything, everything.


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