Creative Blogger’s Award: My Thanks, My Confession.

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Danica Piche at Living a Beautiful Life for the Creative Blogger’s Award nomination. Danica’s blog is a positive and enlightening cornucopia of quotations, anecdotes and how-to’s dealing with the better management of being human. It is particularly nurturing for those of us trying to pull out of the muck and darkness to cultivate a healthier frame of mind — and for that, too, I thank her.

Though I graciously accepted the award, I also must confess that I did so prior to reading the rules, which I later discovered were listed as follows:

° Nominate 15-20 blogs and notify all nominees via their social media/blogs
° Thank and post the link of the blog that nominated you
° Share 5 facts about yourself to your readers
° Pass these rules on to them

Only then did I realize that I do not, in fact, regularly read 15-20 blogs, which seemed to make me an unfit candidate. Rather than make a frantic search and provide links to blogs I am only superficially familiar with, I have decided that I should use this as an inspiration to begin reading a wider range of blogs here on WordPress and nominate in a sincere (albeit more snail-pace) manner. This also seemed to deserve its own page, as opposed to being buried in my blog entries — and so here we are. I hope this is perceived as an honest gesture as opposed to, you know, stalling and taking things perhaps a little too seriously.

Now for five facts about me:

1. I drink way too much coffee and smoke far too many cigarettes.

2. My favorite foodstuffs are chili and cheesecake.

3. I know next to nothing regarding automobiles and could not give a rat’s ragged left ass cheek about sports.

4. In the third grade, a kid from my class actually peed on me in the school restroom. Stranger still I was not going to tell on him, though when I came out of the restroom I found him talking to a teacher and claiming that it was I that had peed on him. I told the teacher what really happened and presented the pissy, piddly moist spot on my shirt as evidence. Truth, for once, prevailed. I got a gray sweatshirt from the lost and found that I wore for years afterward. I feel the need to add that both at the time and ever since I have found this gross. So no, this childhood incident did not mutate into some piddle fetish or something.

5. However fascinated I am by tattoos, and however hot I find them on women, they have always seemed too permanent for me to consider getting one. I have often wondered if this is merely another manifestation of my commitment issues.

Benjamin Andearson,
7:28 PM.

One response to “Creative Blogger’s Award: My Thanks, My Confession.

  1. This is one of the most honest of em all. Love that you take the time to introspect, that is a rarity and muchos appreciados!
    (Thank you.) (Gratzie.) (uuuuuuuniatibois!)

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