Constant debt is endless dependence. Independence is not secured until the check has cleared. Guilt is emotional debt. It is an emotional sense of indebtedness to someone or something, but what serves as the currency and what is the exchange rate? We keep trying until we receive signs that we fixed what we had broken, but those signs can come from the creditor or the debtor. It is until we feel, or we feel certain as possible that that which we are indebted to feels, that we have, even when factoring in interest, provided sufficient compensation.

You are but a blind man tossing gravel at a presumed target without any notion of what would constitute auditory feedback suggesting you hit the target, operating on the faith that you will know the sound when you hear it.

Constant guilt is endless dependence. Individuality is never secured until the check stops bouncing, and this bitch is made of flubber. Emotional exchange is unregulated by an officially-sanctioned and imposed monetary system and instead left in a social climate of trade that is essentially free of collective or even mutual agreement on what constitutes fair exchange. This is in turn exacerbated by the presumptuous beliefs of most that everyone does or at least should share their sense of values.

We are borne into emotional contracts through social circumstance, in other words, never free to read and agree or disagree to the conditions, and we built the wombs for countless others to be pushed out into the world of indebitedness to us, none of whom were born free to read and agree or disagree to the conditions we etched into the stone cold cap of our hearts.