Politics & a Possessed Population.

Fighting fire with fire, becoming the percieved enemy in order to defeat them, doing onto others what they have unjustifiably done onto you — it is the very definition of hypocrisy. It impies not that you think what they’re doing is wrong, but that you pnly think it’s wrong when done to you specifically — and that only makes you selfish.

If sexism is wrong, it shouldn’t matter what sex is doing it. If racism is wrong, it doesn’t matter what race is doing it.

Its as simple as that.

If you whine about kids getting participation trophies in school for games they didn’t win, realize that Confederate statues are just really big participation trophies for a war you fucking lost.

If you need to run away to a safe space when something someone says “triggers” you, think twice before you point your finger at those who want to build a big, dumb wall to beef up their illusions of a nationwide “safe space” because immigrants trigger them.

If you believe in a patriarchy and that men are inherently toxic and oppress women, who should now lead the way for the species and push down the dong-bearing, at the very least don’t pretend that you’re fighting for equality. Be self aware. You’re a sexist, plain and simple.

The aim should be empathy and fairness and respect for individual liberty. And if you fight, you fight on that basis and don’t sacrifice your fucking principals.

Anything less and your percieved enemy has won the war by means of something akin to spirit possession. And given the state of the political climate, I’d say we, as a population, are largely possessed.

On All the Flags.

Why do people get so distracted by these idiot issues? It blows my mind how much fuss can be generated over the design on a piece of cloth. People are enraged because some burn or stomp on the American flag (probably made in Korea). Other people now rise up to ban the confederate flag (probably also made in Korea). All as if flags were the real fucking issue. As if when
the day came and all American flags were both stomp and flame-resistant and all confederate flags were eradicated from the earth that American patriotism would reign and racism would come to an end. To my mind this just serves to exemplify how superficial we have become, how misplaced our values are as a culture. How often and to what degree people do not actually think. For the record, if you buy something or were born into something (which is to say your meaty flesh vessel) it is your property: you have the right to do whatever the bloody fuck you want with it so long as you aren’t prancing over other’s rights to do the same. Tuck the kids in with the confederate flag. It doesn’t really matter. Wipe your ass with the red, white, blue and now brown-stained. Or don’t. Just don’t be more concerned with fabric than the liberty it supposedly represents.

Human Pride Parade.

Maybe be we need a Human Pride Parade. Emphasize our similarities rather than our differences. Maybe then we can all come to respect our multilayered diversity, see its inherent survival value, honor individuality and personal freedom and as a consequence EVOLVE as a species. Black and white and yellow and red and straight, gay, bi or -asexual, man, women or transgendered: all holding hands and celebrating and thus nurturing what they have in common, what binds them.

In NLP, they tell you to define your goal in positive, not negative terms. Say something you do want rather than focusing on what you don’t want. Like the person on the ledge that the person hanging out the open window is trying to lure towards them in order to save their life.

What, in every movie or television program you’ve seen, do they say to the person on the ledge? “Don’t look down.” And what do they immediately do? Its because the person has to think about what they shouldn’t think about within the context of not thinking about it. By just focusing on a positive goal rather than a negative one — for instance, “keep your eyes on me” — you might get better results.

If wholeness is what you want, don’t increase focus on your distinction — not alone, anyway.  We need to empathize with people to truly understand them, and for most the ability for them to empathize is dependent exclusively upon the person’s similarity with them, so a Human Pride Parade, or even an international holiday, might allow us to reinvest attention upon our similarities, and therefore smooth the road and lube the tubes for empathy.


It’s racism, homophobia, prejudice, discrimination, sexism. Whatever you choose to call it, whatever particular manifestation you go with, its essentially the same, underlying problem. It’s all about mistaking the person for the category you have ascribed them to as if they had no personal qualities or individual characteristics. You only see black, white, male, female. Victimhood leads to victimizing, and the teeter-totter swings to and fro, and the oscillation feeds itself in idiocy, onward towards infinity. Nothing unites people like a common enemy, so it seems, as many blacks and whites, many men and women have joined hands in a collaborative effort to wield the almighty gavel of judgment down upon the homosexual community in a fervor fueled by hate. One would like to see that similarity in circumstance breeds empathy, that those who still bear the burden of an unjust history might see the parallels with the oppressed groups of modernity, but this all too often proves not to be the case, with this particular circumstance providing perhaps the ultimate fucking example.