Not Dead Again (4/28/15 Dream?)

With respect to the dream or whatever it was that crept into my mind right as I was about to step in the shower, it’s like I’m outside the bubble now and the memories are inside. I can kind of feel the surface emotionally and catch ambiguous imagery associated with it, but I cannot seem to penetrate the bubble. I feel like I’ve gone blind and I’m forced to see with my hands.

In the circumstance, the scenario, I was convinced that this was it, that it was over, that I was going to die. I remember having been fooled before only to come out alive, but something happened this time that removed all doubt. The seriousness of matter sunk in, penetrated, so I know I had time to consider it all before it happened. I acted with the knowledge that either way, I was going to die. Was I fucking fighting something? As real as it feels, I cannot remember the circumstances.

The Only Difference That Matters.

My species never ceases to amaze me.

I was watching a political show online the other day and I was listening to a woman argue her point. I could see that she honestly, sincerely believed it to the marrow. It struck me that this woman and I were different at the most fundamental level in a psychological sense. Not because she was a woman, mind you, and not because she was black, but because she believed that democracy and the constitution were infallible. That the Constitution was a sort of secular Bible; that what was good, evil, real and fantasy was subject to vote.

She believed in the founding fathers and majority rules. I hold no such value in either.

The founding fathers certainly didn’t believe in a woman’s right to vote, or a black’s right to vote or recognize either of them as anything more than property, for that matter, which makes her positions on the Constitution and democracy rather curious to me. At that time most of those who were recognized voters would have voted to maintain ownership of slaves — did majority rules in that case justify the total lack of recognition of a human being’s natural rights? If so, it would certainly be consistent, considering her argument that homosexuals shouldn’t be permitted equal rights in a certain state because big daddy democracy upheld medieval mindsets once again.

But consistency isn’t always an indicator of truth. And unlike her, I believe in the evolution of thought and values. In basic human rights. And despite that it will make me look like a total asshole once again, I can’t help but regard people who think like her as idiots, and these are the kind of idiots that will do this species in.


I often find myself imagining how it would be if humanity survived itself as well as other threats, at least long enough to develop the technological capability to transfer consciousness between bodies. Regardless as to whether consciousness is an epiphenomenon of the brain or merely its temporary resident, the technology to transfer that consciousness into another body of one’s choosing is foreseeable, given our survival.

There will be a time where you can have spare bodies. Car lots full of new bodies, used bodies, for sale. A wardrobe of bodies at your disposal at home.

And I wonder, in the course of a day: Will we still judge people by their present body’s skin color? By their present body’s sex? By their present body’s “sexual persuasion“? By the age or genetic parents of the present body? Or will this tendency be considered as absurd to everyone in that potential future world as it does to me now?

And yeah, I’d have a girl body in my wardrobe. And yeah, it would be modeled after Sasha Grey. And I’d save it for Fridays, stay home alone and never leave my room that day. But I’d be busy.

Oh yes.