Alien Induction,

or, Paranoid Nightmare 
of a Textbook Mental Case.
Their behavior does not match what we would expect from an alien force coming here from some extrasolar sphere, the allegedly skeptical cry, as in the same breath they condemn the anthropomorphic forces “clearly” shaping the hallucinatory alien abduction and UFO experiences.
The UFOs and their occupants do exhibit strange behavior, of course. Rather than establish overt contact or conceal themselves from us entirely, UFOs trapeze the line between, weaving in and out of the collective consciousness in waves of activity punctuated by troughs of eerie silence. 
When an intense wave occurs over a small area, it is known as a UFO flap. When the intense wave is enduring in that locale, the area becomes known as a “UFO hot spot.” In any case, these waves are seemingly unpredictable in terms of the location and size of the area they deluge as well as the intensity and duration of the wave itself. 
The notion that we are merely catching them off guard during UFO sightings and consciously-recalled encounters strikes me naive. Clearly, UFOs could conceal their existence from us entirely if they so desired. They can maneuver through air, water, ice and earth. During both day and night they have been observed to duck behind clouds. At night, they will remain lit and motionless in the sky, easily mistaken for stars, or they may mimic meteors. They mimic the sounds of helicopters, airplane engines and other conventional craft and have also been observed to mimic aviation lights. 
They are also on many occasions effectively invisible at night with their lights off. Rather than take advantage of this, however, they turn them on. Witnesses also report that these lights do not glare, either, which would render them useless as navigation lights. 
Reports reveal that in some cases they are witnessed by many with the naked eye, from land and air, all as they are picked up on radar as well. Other reports reveal that they can be seen by the naked eye, but not by radar; by radar, but not by the naked eye; by one person, but not another. On top of all of this, witnesses have also described how the craft can render themselves entirely invisible. 
Considering these concealment and camouflage capabilities of the craft, then, the fact that we see them at all, let alone in intense waves, should arouse our suspicion. It would seem that they can control when, where, how and by whom they are seen — and what witnesses see them as. 
While they have been observed to utilize these camouflage and concealment capabilities — another fact that should arouse suspicion — the degree to which they have not utilized them and are consequently seen by witnesses far exceed that which would be expected if such instances were merely a consequence of Murphy’s Law. Nor does it appear to be the case that they are what Michio Kaku calls a Type III civilization, which we would only find evidence of because they have no interest in us and do not care if they are seen. 
Instead, there are numerous indications that UFOs and aliens are imposing a sort of “controlled revelation” upon humankind regarding their presence. So at some level this appears to be a program of acclimatization, systematic desensitization of a planetary culture to the notion of extraterrestrial life, implying that they are working towards a future time in which there will be overt contact. 
This means, presumably, that they are not here to destroy us. That can provide some comfort, at least. 
Ultimately, however, all it really means is that we are involved in their future plans, as they are investing time and energy in easing the human species into an epic revelation. It does not alone suggest what role we are to play once overt contact is made. 
Examining individual encounters reveals something unnerving, however: the UFO itself appears to constitute a conglomeration of hypnotic induction techniques at once. 
First, the UFO constitutes the “fixation method” of hypnotic induction — rather than focusing on a finger or a swinging watch, one watches the UFO hover or preform areal acrobatics. At the same time, the presence of the UFO also acts as Erickson’s method of induction, known as the “confusion technique.” Here, an absurd element serves to inspire deeper, more absorptive focus on the object of confusion in the attempts to reconcile the apparent contradiction. In tandem with this the object may have many lights organized into different positions on the craft, each bearing a color or pattern of colors, some flashing, perhaps at varying speeds or intensities. This is a form of photic driving — another means of inducing an altered state of consciousness. The low hum is also sometimes reported by witnesses, which may be an effect of auditory driving.
When the brain is subjected to a patterned stimulus of any kind, specifically light and sound, it’s brainwaves tend to synchronize with the pattern through what is called a “frequency-following response.” 
Given the conglomeration of induction methods even the relatively brief UFO sighting potentially constitutes, it would seem the witness was targeted and induced so as to be given suggestions of one form or another. If this is the case, they may have as many means of necessarily covert suggestion as they appear to have regarding forms of hypnotic induction. 
In individual cases of UFO encounters, the witness sometimes admits the suspicion that whatever is driving the craft can read or influence their mind. In military aircraft encounters, for instance, the UFO has sometimes disengaged weapons systems when the military pilot was deciding to fire upon it. 
The object has often kept steady and fixed distance from a military aircraft — even during sharp turns. In a similar way, UFOs have kept pace with witnesses in cars or commercial planes. 
It has been shown that they adjust their own behavior in accordance with this telepathic feedback — a telepathic capacity that could only be made all the more potent with the application of the aforementioned hypnotic induction techniques. 
By means of this they can “steer” the witness away from an undesirable response to their presence and towards a more desirable one. Fearful reactions from witnesses often inspire the craft to back away; yearning to see it up close may inspire the craft to immediately move closer. 
There are also occasions when witnesses feel compelled by some inner prompting to look to a particular location in the sky or drive to some location — in either case, they ultimately witness a UFO and may even be subjected to a far more closer encounter. 
People often also fail to use cameras that are right beside them, wondering afterward how they could have forgotten. That this telepathy could also be used to induce more elaborate hypnotic suggestions is not hard to conceive. 
This, clearly, would stretch the implications of the UFO phenomenon beyond mere cumulative, systematic acclimation. Individual encounters could be staged for specific witnesses, where their responses are then telepathically anticipated and manipulated, their consciousnesses altered to a highly suggestible state and they are subliminally issued telepathic suggestions. 
When we move beyond close encounters of the first and second kind (CEI and CEII respectively) and into occupant cases (CEIII) and abductions, the means of transmitting suggestions is more obvious. The alien encounters comprising these last two categories may be akin to when we are reading a book or watching a film and the world around us becomes an evermore blurry peripheral and consciousness is held captive by the “suggestions” provided. 
In this absorptive reading or watching, the suggestions are the fascination — the contents of the book or movie inspired fascination because some part of you can relate or empathize with the narrative. This may be due to a personal resonance with the material or perhaps even more generalized instinctual, archetypal, or cross-cultural patterns to which humans relate and resonate as a whole.
In any case, the implicit structure (“the Monomyth” of Campbell, for instance) is utilized for the more effective transmission of the explicit suggestion or message, which is woven into that structure at various levels of abstraction ranging from the literal to the metaphorical. 
Guided hypnosis and meditation differ from absorptive reading or observation only in that the hypnotist induces the state of absorptive focus first and then proceeds to transmit suggestions verbally. 
Meditation only seems to differ from ritual (which itself seems synonymous with “self-hypnosis”) in that ritual utilizes external props and set behaviors for the transmission of suggestions; meditation, in its most basic and simplistic form, places all discipline on consciousness without external anchors providing associations, but in other cases it inches closer to ritual. In meditation, suggestions are delivered through willed absorptive focus on mantras, yantras, as well as ritual behaviors and props. 
With respect to the UFO: do the color patterns and their frequencies, the patterns of movement in the sky as we watch them, not only induce an altered and suggestible state but deliver covert suggestions as well? Do some alien encounters take this to the next level, as suggested by Jacques Vallee, containing a “metalogic” that appears absurd (so again, confusion enhancing fixation) to consciousness but nonetheless bears an internal logic that communicates messages subliminally, unconsciously? 
As to the last question, Vallee offers some specific and rather unnerving data gleaned from his interviews with “contactees.” He identifies four recurring themes in their values and beliefs.
First, he identifies their tendency towards what he calls Intellectual Abdication, which seems to communicate that the aliens are needed to save humanity from itself, and we are therefore dependent upon them for species survival. They also harbor a Racist Philosophy in their belief that some of those on earth that appear to be human are in fact partially of extraterrestrial ancestry and are superior to the average human. 
They also invest in the notion of humanity’s Technical Impotence, meaning that we could not have gotten this far in our development as a species without the repeated intervention of extraterrestrials throughout the course of our history. (Think of Erich Von Daniken, William Bramley, Zechariah Sitchin, and the television show Ancient Aliens.) Last but not least, Vallee speaks of their joint notions of a Social Utopia, usually involving a world economy and totalitarian social order.
Studying these for themes, we find that Technical Impotence supports Intellectual Abdication: the aliens have always been here, meddling in our affairs covertly to push us along in the right directions genetically and culturally, and so any overt contact would just be a continuation in the light of our awareness of what has always gone on in the shadows of human history. The Racist Philosophy highlights the underlying message of both Intellectual Abdication and Technical Impotence: we are but ignorant children in need of our alien gods, who have half-breeds among us for the betterment of our species.
With all our greatest accomplishments given to us by the alien gods, the clear message behind the coexisting theme of social utopia is the anticipation of the day when the alien gods to establish overt contact and impose a new social order — with the aliens, of course, at the top, with their population of half-breeds, it would seem to follow, acting as intermediaries between the aliens and humankind, helping to facilitate the transition from the old human cultures to the new alien social order. 
Despite their differences is interpretation, the material provided by David Jacobs in his 1999 book The Threat seems to resonate closely with the picture just illustrated. Abductees are led to believe they are being used to create half-breeds, and many are also led to believe they are half-breeds themselves. The end-goal is to create a (transgenic) mix, a new species that comprises “the best of both” the human and alien. In their eyes this appears to mean a creature with a human physiology and an alien neurology. 
As gleaned from the material provided by Hopkins, Jacobs, Mack and others, the “hybrids” seen by abductees on the craft would have to constitute transgenic aliens — specifically, aliens altered with human transgenes. Some of the transgenic aliens are very Gray-looking, others have a mixture of human and Gray physical characteristics, and others look almost entirely human. The consistent variable among them all is alien neurology, evident in them despite the way the introduction of human emotion and instinct have had an effect on that neurology. 
Abductees themselves would seem to constitute transgenic humans — human beings altered with alien transgenes. Some have neurological characteristics that are very human, others appear to be a mixture of the human and alien, and others seem almost entirely alien despite, again, the influence of human instinct and emotion. Across the board, however, they maintain their human physiology. 
Those of mixed alien and human neurology — all abductees or “transgenic humans,” then, save for those on the extreme end of the spectrum — may then be subject to a corresponding duality in their consciousness. This is touched upon by Hopkins and Jacobs in their talks on the “alien co-option” of abductees, but more deeply explored by John Mack in his 1994 book, Abduction. There he writes of a duality in consciousness that manifested in abductees he has worked with, who feel they have both an alien and human personality. On page 35, Mack adds:
“The alien identity seems to be connected in some way with the soul of the human self, and one of the tasks the abductee then confronts is the integration of their human and alien selves, which takes on the character of a reensoulment of their humanity.”
In addition, Jacobs brought together an image of the endgame theme that has grown throughout the study of abductions which sounds too much like the future that can be procured from analysis of Vallee’s four contactee themes. After a coming period of global catastrophe (the exact nature of which is ever-elusive, though for certain the cause will not, in the least, be obviously of their own doing) the aliens will present themselves as humanity’s saviors and usher in a new era marked by an alien-dominant social order on earth, with transgenic humans, transgenic aliens and their kin — the new species — serving the roles of intermediaries. 
According to Jacobs, abductees have been subjected to “training” and “testing” procedures that suggest they are being prepped for four future roles. This includes “Calming” people, “Helping” the aliens in the abduction procedures preformed on other abductees, “Rescuing” aliens, transgenic beings and humans and “Facilitating” the Change in some way that will assist people in adapting to the new culture.
Given this, perhaps one of the reasons for the duality in abductee psyches is that in first integrating their human and alien personalities, they will then be better able to serve their ultimate function in service of the aliens: to integrate humankind into the new social order, to smooth the transition to the technologically-advanced, psi-adept, extraterrestrial and insectival totalitarian social order. Which is a lot of responsibility for a head-case of my caliber.


My first two flashbacks came to me within the same night, which happened either in late 1994 or early the following year. Aside from the fact that the two separate flashbacks that evening involved childhood encounters with aliens, there was the ancestral theme that bound them together. That frowning creature in the first flashback said that he was the doctor and that they were scientists.  He said he was very old, very wise, and that in some way he is a grandfather to me. This seems to correspond to the second flashback I had that night that dealt with a Gray or Mantis creature that informed me that he was my “real daddy,” and so it was all right for him to take me away.
For some time I considered all this to be nothing more than additional evidence that the little bastards were committed to fucking with my head. After all, for better and worse, I would have to say I am clearly my parents’ son. I see some of both in me. 
My father only seems to be involved in this peripherally. There are no suggestion he sees them. Yet there is, of course, his alcoholic mother, who believed she was seeing aliens and flying saucers out her window. The child-loathing woman, swearing up and down she was partially of Native American decent despite total lack of evidence that any of it is true, would go on and tell her coworkers about the saucers, as my father was ill to discover. To build on his embarrassment and frustration, they actually believed her. 

When she died, my parents found her place a mess. All the cabinet doors open, as she believed for some reason this would rid her of the cockroaches of which she had, evidently, such a deep phobia.

On my father’s side there was also the sister of my rather ominous grandfather — an amazing woman with delicate features, a soothing voice and the most vibrant blue eyes. So calm and collected, you could never imagine her yell or get angry. In my youth, she seemed mystical, and that never went away for as long as she lived. She felt like a furnace of energy. 

It was not until after she had died and we went to visit her husband that I would ask him about the UFO encounter they both had. He had been driving with her when he saw the saucer and began to pull over. He planned on joining the small crowd on the side of the road, watching as a saucer with a rim of multicolored lights encircled a telephone pole. He was fascinated and wanted to watch it. They were being seen all over the country at the time, he told me, but this was the first and only time he had ever seen one. She hid inside the car, though, terrified, frantically begging for him to drive them away, and he swiftly submitted to doing so.

My great aunt was not insane, nor my great uncle; here I feel confident. Nothing seems to point to my father as anything but a carrier for his maternal inheritance, but for the record he is sane as well. Only his heavily strange mother suggests probable insanity; that she was perhaps as highly-functioning a schizophrenic as she was an alcoholic. There is the possibility, of course, that there were flying saucers out her window — that she was strange and an alcoholic, yes, but also truly had encounters. 

Then there is my mother. I know my mother and I have similar neurology, as we share similar “migraine aura” attacks. She had her telepathy with grandma, I’ve had my share of seemingly telepathic experiences. Though my mother has never spoken about seeing aliens, she has certainly had a wide range of strange experiences, including UFO sightings and an enduring telepathic communication with her own mother when they once shared a vacation together. 

One experience she has told me about may be even more suggestive. Sometimes at night she would sit up in the darkness and see faces rush at her from the distance, disappearing just as they were to her forehead or nose. When I had asked her what the faces looked like, she told me that they looked a lot like some of the pastel drawings I had made of rather demented faces inspired by the Doctor creature. 

Still, what are the odds of inheriting it directly through my mother from my maternal grandmother as well as indirectly through my father via both his maternal and paternal lines? Three threads finding convergence in me. Maybe these threads are twisted in me; an unfortunate genetic knot of multifaceted madness. Perhaps inheriting my mother’s migraine neurology and inheriting, through my father acting as a carrier, my paternal grandmother’s functional alcoholic and potentially-schizophrenic neurology is sufficient enough an explanation, no aliens included. Enough potential neurological malfunctions in the genetic lottery, you’re bound to inherit some neurological glitches. Through this cocktail, my seeing aliens and having astral projections, telepathic experiences, encounters with the discarnate and past life memories of being human at least twice before, though before that presumably an alien — all of it could make sense. The odds are in your favor to develop a psychosis that has found effective expression through the medium of culturally-mediated symbols. 

As humble as it might be if I were at this point to succumb to the label of the harmless but nonetheless psychotic, I am hopelessly drawn to more pessimistic conclusions. For when I later made the connection between the faces my mother saw, their similarity to the Doctor and what the Doctor said to me in the first flashback, I couldn’t help but wonder if what they claim could in any way be literally true.

In any case, the creature’s allegation in the first flashback that he was The Doctor and they were scientists might provoke in one to wonder just what kind of science they practiced. 
This was suggested in two later flashbacks. Aside from the two flashbacks previously described, there was another evening in which I again had two such flashbacks. This happened on April 4, 1995 and they were again conjured by means of the lava lamp, only this time it was intentional. With these flashbacks, too, there seems to be a theme: genetic tampering. 
The two creatures in the second flashback looked like clones of the Doctor, for one thing, only ones seemingly shorter in stature. The creature I saw in the first flashback of the evening, however, suggests to me genetic engineering. It had the morphology of the typical Gray but it had brown, wrinkled reptilian skin and vertically-slit pupils — and a frown. The skin looked similar to the Doctor, but his eyes (and those of his “clones”) had the traditional whites, round iris and pupil. Eyes can go from round to slit given light variations, could this provide explanation? In any case, I have never come across any material aside from my own that describe the Doctor in appearance specifically, but “reptilian” would perhaps best fit his description.
If they are mixing genes with other species, this might indicate what was meant by the ancestral allegations in the first two flashbacks. 

How could they not be lying? That was all I said to myself about it all for a long time. Even granting the theory of panspermia, and so perhaps the notion that all life might be related, it is so unlikely as to be impossible that interplanetary-scale interspecies reproduction could produce a viable hybrid embryo. 

In time, however, it came to my attention that there was a way of breaching the barriers between distant species. The operative word would be transgenesis, the technological means of lateral gene transfer. This is the form of genetic engineering that allows genes from one species to be inserted and incorporated into the genome of another. The genes that are transferred from one organism to another are transgenes, and the organism that incorporates these transgenes into their genome is a transgenic organism. This would be the only conceivable means by which they could cross the species.

How would they do it? They would perhaps abduct a recently-impregnated woman, extract the fertilized egg and alter the male pronucleus by introducing transgenes from an alien donor. If the transgenic process was successful, the resulting child, call her Jane, would be a transgenic human being bearing characteristics of all three of her parents: her human mother, her human father, and the alien donor. 

Depending on the sex of the alien donor, it would either constitute a second mother or a second father for Jane. Let’s say the transgenic parent of Jane was a second father.

Jane grows up and they monitor her remotely as she develops over the years, occasionally abducting her for an on-board “check-up” inside and out. Physically, they examine her body, insert or extract implants for remote monitoring. Telepathically, they run their psychological examinations and tests by throwing her into subjective, life-like “dream” scenarios to study emotional reactions, play back and examine certain memories as they “skim” the associations. 

Jane grows, Jane meets Jack, they get married and she gets pregnant. Remote monitors transmit this data and so they promptly abduct Jane, their pregnant transgenic human, and screen the embryo. They find that they have a stable, germ-line transformation: the embryo inherited the mother’s transgenes. 

Then they build upon their success by manipulating Jane’s embryo even further, altering it with additional transgenes from another male alien donor. That embryo develops into a child, John — just another transgenic human being, another abductee.

As a male, John’s alien donor would constitute a second father. His mother’s transgenic donor, from whom John also inherited transgenes, would be John’s second maternal grandfather.

Jane could be my mother, and the frowning Doctor creature her transgenic donor and second father. I could be John, the Goblin Man my own transgenic donor and second father. The Doctor would, by extension, be my grandfather in a way, just as he claimed when I was five years old. 

The notion sounds insane, of course, and I have salvaged some self-respect in being aware of that fact, even while I so incongruently find myself investing in the idea as a “probability (assuming my sanity)” just to have a context for all these perpetually surreal episodes in my life. 

Or maybe I’m some living brain floating in a wire-fed jar and someone slipped a highly psychedelic substance in with my liquid nutrients. 

Finally: an all-inclusive explanation.