Growing Strong.

Pace yourself.
Keep control.
Don’t go overboard.

Excess is a killer
and a consistent tendency,
so don’t take it,
run with it to the horizon.

Don’t ruin the moment
in your efforts
to achieve indefinite extension.
Nothing lasts forever
yet there’s eternal recurrence.

Change is the only constant
but possibilities aren’t endless.
Greed is tragic shortsightedness
and unenlightened selfishness.

Fail to burn bright,
die young.

Endure the highs and lows
and feel, watch, be
yourself growing strong.


Need a new hell. Must breathe
in fresh sulfur.
This brand of relentless torture?
No offense,

it just doesn’t do
it for me anymore.

So, update the resume.
Get work history ready.
Mind to ink, ready to bleed
out on a forest of applications.

this could be your last chance.
Nearly fourteen years
imprisoned here:

don’t let
this be your fading hope’s
death sentence.

Under the Skin.

Lacerate, tear it all away.
Beneath insatiable attraction,
revulsion to the core. A monster
gift-wrapped in seduction.

Behold the instincts
and their enticing illusions.

Satisfied now
that you have stumbled foolishly
along your journey

into the belly of the whale,
incubated in this womb
you enter when taking shelter
under the skin

the prerequisite
for greater enlightenment,

or must
you suffer
bear the return
of this circle?

Earth Plus Plastic (and Greater Things).

Sip from a cup
half empty.
It’s dying now.
The planet.

Can you smell
the death coming,
hear the ticking
time bomb?

four hundred parts
per million.

Down a minute every day.
Changing planet
and we were the key
in its alchemy.

Ultimately we may die
by suicide, but what great
things will our
extinction bring?

Take a sip
from a cup half full.
Maybe we pave
the way to greater things.

Making Out With Missy.

Black leather couch. 
Smoke-filled basement.

Her and I left
to our own devices.

She straddles me.
Soft lips.
Revitalizing energy.

Defeat me, girl.
Please defeat me.

You’re killing
me and I fucking
love it. 

Make me see
me. Make me change
me. We all know
I need it.

Sucking, biting
your bottom lip.

I should have succumb,
untainted by fears,
all those expectations.

Six Six-Word Stories, Chapter 2.

7. News Flash for a Narcissist.

Trumpty Dumpty never got his wall.

8. A Timely Tale of a Baker’s Dozen.

Twelve stories, all written while stoned.

9. Power.

Grinning, she growls, “I own you.”

10. Green.

Green-eyed monster. Seductive, beautiful beast.

11. Strange Anesthesia.

Table cold. Warm, numbing feeling grows.

12. I.B.E.

Sensations on the skin: poking, stabbing.

Six Six-Word Stories, Chapter 1.


Survived apocalypse, finished off by bat.

I Am Jack’s Enlightenment.

Listen, Tyler: my eyes are open.

Tale of a Dead Man. 

As all dreams: weird in retrospect.

Jack Asphalt.

A dolt, self-aware, took responsibility.

Virgo California Girls.

Miraculous entry, bliss, an agonizing exit.

Quest for Truth.

Reality rebels, he suffers through lies.