Earth Plus Plastic (and Greater Things).

Sip from a cup
half empty.
It’s dying now.
The planet.

Can you smell
the death coming,
hear the ticking
time bomb?

four hundred parts
per million.

Down a minute every day.
Changing planet
and we were the key
in its alchemy.

Ultimately we may die
by suicide, but what great
things will our
extinction bring?

Take a sip
from a cup half full.
Maybe we pave
the way to greater things.


Making Out With Missy.

Black leather couch. 
Smoke-filled basement.

Her and I left
to our own devices.

She straddles me.
Soft lips.
Revitalizing energy.

Defeat me, girl.
Please defeat me.

You’re killing
me and I fucking
love it. 

Make me see
me. Make me change
me. We all know
I need it.

Sucking, biting
your bottom lip.

I should have succumb,
untainted by fears,
all those expectations.

Six Six-Word Stories, Chapter 2.

7. News Flash for a Narcissist.

Trumpty Dumpty never got his wall.

8. A Timely Tale of a Baker’s Dozen.

Twelve stories, all written while stoned.

9. Power.

Grinning, she growls, “I own you.”

10. Green.

Green-eyed monster. Seductive, beautiful beast.

11. Strange Anesthesia.

Table cold. Warm, numbing feeling grows.

12. I.B.E.

Sensations on the skin: poking, stabbing.

Six Six-Word Stories, Chapter 1.


Survived apocalypse, finished off by bat.

I Am Jack’s Enlightenment.

Listen, Tyler: my eyes are open.

Tale of a Dead Man. 

As all dreams: weird in retrospect.

Jack Asphalt.

A dolt, self-aware, took responsibility.

Virgo California Girls.

Miraculous entry, bliss, an agonizing exit.

Quest for Truth.

Reality rebels, he suffers through lies.